Parts Availability
Whenever service is needed and parts are required, minimizing downtime is a critical objective. Statistical usage analysis helps ESCO BioEngineering (EBE) predict parts life, permitting EBE to manage logistics and stage proper inventories. The combination of predictive maintenance, and historical data assures our customers that parts and labor are available whenever service is scheduled through the local sales organization.
Instant Service Through Out Entire Product Life Cycle
Quality control at EBE extends from research and development through engineering, manufacturing, shipment, delivery and customer feedback. EBE maintains an aggressive program for each sold units. We know where EBE products are located and how they are being used. All EBE products include unique serial numbers for identification, and all are monitored with historical record showing the information of maintenance, repair, change control, ...etc., that could ensure the instant service during the whole life cycle of the products made by EBE. 
Technical Consulting and Support
Site preparation instructions are useful before product arrival and installation. Installation and start-up manuals, operations manuals and quick reference guides are available anytime. An interactive online support offers instant service to answer or solve any issues immediately without geographic limitation.