Glucose Monitoring System

Glucose Monitoring System

Compact: Palm Size, Portable, Ready to Use

Inexpensive: 1% cost of a bioanalyzer

Convenient: Take as little as 3 μL samples, calibration-free, disposable

Instant: Obtain data within 15 secs

Accurate: 99.5% correlated with YSI Bioanalyzer

Versatile: For all kinds of cell culture media

Disposable: Prevent cross contamination


Trade Description

Product Feature

One-touch Glucose Meter for Cell Culture Process Monitoring
  •    Plug-and-play, ready-to-use
  •    Calibration-free
  •    View results instantly within 15 sec.
  •    Precision <5%, Accuracy > 90%
GlucCell glucose monitoring system let you quickly measure and record the glucose level during the cell culture using disposable test strips. Insert the strip, add a sample droplet, and then sample is drawn up by the capillary action of the test strip. Read the result in 15 sec on the large numeric display. In addition, the disposable test strip allow to measure the glucose consumption in a biohazard environment without causing contamination on the equipment or personnel.
The improved accuracy in the low and high glucose range means better detection for cell culture decisions. In addition, the consistency, accuracy, and linearity of measurement using portable GlucCell meter is independent of ingredients or serum-related components of the culture medium.

Item Included
GlucCell glucose meter * 1 pc, GlucCell glucose test strip * 1 bx (50 pc)
Meter Dimension
96 x 60 x 18.5 mm
Meter Weight
60 g (including battery)
Test Sample
Animal cell culture medium or buffer
Reading Unit
mg/dL or mmol/L
Sample Volume
Less than 1.5 μL
Measuring Range
30 – 500 mg/dL (1.7 ~ 27.8 mmol/L)
Operating Temp. Range
10~40 °C (50 ~104 °F)
Operating Relative Humidity
20% - 80% RH
Data Storage
Up to 180 test results
Power Supply
3 V Li button battery
Battery Life
Approximately 1000 tests
The glucose measurement is based on the oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase.
GlucCell Glucose Monitoring System is specifically designed for measuring the glucose level during mammalian cell and insect cell culture.
Measuring Time
Less than 15 seconds
99.5% correlated with YSI biochemical analyzer


  1. User Manual
  2. GlucCell Meter Quick Reference Sheet
  3. Test strip Quick Instruction Sheet
  4. Reference 1
  5. Reference 2
  6. Q&A

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GlucCell Glucose Monitoring System (1 set)
Ø   GlucCell glucose meter (1 set)
Ø   GlucCell glucose test strip (25 pc/bt, 2 bt/bx)
Ø   Check card (1 pc)
Ø   Bag (1 pc)
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GlucCell Glucose Test Strip (25 pc/bt, 2 bt/bx)
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