Q1. Are GlucCell glucose meter and test strips for the medical or diagnostic purpose?

No. The meter and strips are not for medical or diagnostic use, and are only for lab and bioprocess application.

Q2. We intend to use it for monitoring glucose consumption from a culture media containing bacteria.

GlucCell Glucose Monitoring System is designed specifically for animal cell culture in which the embedded calibration curves are made. Currently we don’t have sufficient data showing that it could be used for microorganism culture with these existing calibration curves. However, following steps can be done to validate your application:

<i>Perform calibration with your existed culture medium with known glucose concentration by spiking known amount of glucose. If the initial glucose concentration of the medium is not adjustable, you have to prepare the medium by yourself by adding the component one by one and making several groups with different glucose concentration that could cover your test range.    

     <ii>Spin-down the culture medium to remove the solid and measure the glucose only from the supernatant.

Q3. Does GlucCell measure only glucose? If the medium contains other sugars, does GlucCell measure th

By the enzyme reaction, GlucCell only measures specifically glucose but not other sugars such as fructose or sucrose. 

Q4. What does error code E53 mean on the GlucCell glucose meter?

The reading E53 means that the detected glucose concentration is below the detectable range (20 mg/dL).

Q5. What is the difference between GlucCell glucose meter and other conventional monitors? What is th

When it comes to “glucose meter”, it is usually for diabetes patients and designed for blood sugar measurement but not for the cell culture medium. Therefore it would be difficult to get accurate data from cell culture medium by using these commercial meters. On the contrast, GlucCell glucose meter is designed especially for the cell culture medium, and the accuracy is not affected by the type of media, with serum or serum-free, with cell or cell-free. So far only GlucCell glucose meter is the palm size meter for glucose measurement particularly for animal cell culture. Other equipment such as YSI biochemical analyzer or Nova BioProfile is bench size and not portable. 

Q6. Have you guys suggested someone check that the meter is working correctly before each measurement

The meter is designed to be calibration-free with our special technology to save customers’ time and money.  However, especially in cGMP environment, customers have to do validation at the beginning to ensure the validity of the system. We encourage customers to do the validation by themselves and using the standard solution that they trust.