Q1. What is BioNOC II made of?

BioNOC II matrix is made of 100% non-woven PET. It is resistant to chemicals and autoclavable.

Q2. Is BioNOC II applicable to all cell type?

BioNOCII is applicable to anchorage-dependent cells, and we have widespread, successful experiences on the cell culture.

Q3. The shelf life of BioNOC II?

The shelf life is four years without decay of hydrophilicity.

Q4. What is the surface area of BioNOCII?

There is approximately 2400 CM2 of effective surface area. There are 5.5 g of BioNOCII per 100 ml of bed volume.

Q5. What brand of the serum-free medium can I use in BelloCell system?

Cell Line

Serum-Free media


CHO-S-SFM II (Gibco), CHO III A (Gibco), CHO-A-SFM (Gibco) , ExCELL 301 (JRH), HyQ PF-CHO (HyClone), HyQ-CCM 5 (HyClone), HyQ SFX-CHO (HyClone), IS-CHO-CD (IRVINE), proCHO4cdm


EX-CELL 293 (JRH), Pro293a-CDM (CAMBREX),

HyQ SFM4 HEK293 (HyClone)


VP-SFM (Gibco), Plus VERO (CESCO), ICN-VERO (ICN), PEEK-1 (Biochrom),


SF-900 II (Gibco), EX-CELL 420 (JRH), EX-CELL 400

Q6. How can I compare BioNOCII and the one provided by Eppendorf when using their bioreactor?

The BioNOC II is made of only one single material and 100% for cell growth. Since FibraCel Disks are made of two materials with around 50%/50% each in weight, only 50% of the material is useful for cell growth. The surface area and price of BioNOC II are about 50% of FibraCel disks. More and more customers decide to switch to BioNOCII even using Eppendorf’s bioreactor.